Are you still struggling to reconcile the disparity between Darwin’s evolution theory and the Divine Creation? Perhaps most of us are recurrently, mystified about the feasibility of time travel and time machines. How about the existence of parallel universes, do you find it amazing or rather irrational? Still interested around alien invasion or you may be more engrossed reflecting the issues of global warming and its menace that we are already living through. Plus, the revolution of technology that has affected every single aspect of our life, we may continue to ask these questions: Why do we have to learn Science? Is there an end to Science? Continue Reading »


Many students would still find it confusing to understand the phenomenon of high tide and low tide.  What causes it and why?


Simple reason is to associate it to gravity of the Earth and the Moon, and the pull of force is called gravitational force. Gravitational force exists between two objects with mass.  Continue Reading »


Our brain is undoubtedly the most powerful component of our body, but I do not mean there is anything less important. Every bit that makes up our anatomy is as significant as those which are very obvious like our eyes, or nose, or mouth. Here are some trivia about this most incredible creation in the universe.

(photo from google images) Continue Reading »


Recently, I talked about demonstrating firework effects using common salt compounds available in our chemistry laboratory.  These compounds can also be used to make other exciting science activities like the COLOURFUL CRYSTAL GARDEN.

This is a simple, but exciting practical/demo that teachers can do in the laboratory.  Again, just be careful with the salt compounds for they maybe corrosive, irritant, or toxic. Before you start, you need to secure the following things: Continue Reading »


There is a more interesting activity to explain how fireworks are made, without actually exposing the students to greater risk. ( I have to say greater because there is still a risk doing this practical.) How do fireworks create that spectacular fountain of colours and amazed young and old alike. The gorgeous exploding mixture of purples and reds, blues, yellows, greens, lilac, is just a salt away. Chemistry has loads to offer when it comes to interesting activities, and this is one of those. Continue Reading »


You could do a simple demo to show that gas expands as you heat it.  If a substance is heated, the molecules in that substance start to move and soon take up more space – IT EXPANDS. Continue Reading »

This activity investigates the rule of reflection, which focuses on obtaining, collecting, and considering evidence. The students should learn and remember the basic terms that are associated with the law of reflection.

When you look in a mirror, you can see a reflection of yourself.  If you look at texts on the newspapers or magazines, they appear to be reversed, which is the way light is reflected by a mirror. How can we investigate this phenomenon? What is reflection? What is the law of reflection? Continue Reading »