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One of the most challenging tasks of a science teacher in a chemistry class is how to show that gases exist and it can be collected from simple reactions. Most common amongst these gases are OXYGEN, HYDROGEN, and CARBON DIOXIDE.

Yet there is a simple activity that could be done as a demo or class experiment to confirm those scientific explanation about acid-metal reaction.  Be sure the materials are readily available in your laboratory. There are other processes to produce these gases but these are the ones helpful and practical in a school setting. (more…)


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There is a very practical and simple way to make and test electromagnets in science laboratory. After you are done discussing the theory of electromagnets, it is time to allow students some hands-on activities, to thoughtfully remember the concept. This is not a grand experiment though, but at least your high school students could look into how and what are the necessary materials needed to make a simple electromagnet, and test its strength afterwards. (more…)

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You could do a simple demo to show that gas expands as you heat it.  If a substance is heated, the molecules in that substance start to move and soon take up more space – IT EXPANDS. (more…)

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